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Besengek Daging

Besengek Daging

Spicy Beef dish cooked in coconut milk.
Use a lean, whole cut of beef like "topside" or "silverside".

500 gr Beef.
1 onion.
1 teaspoon trassi.
1 red chilli pepper.
½ teaspoon black pepper.
1 teaspoon coriander (ground).
½ teaspoon turmeric.
30 ml tamarind water.
250 ml beef stock.
500 ml coconut milk.
2 teaspoons sugar.
salt to taste.
oil for frying.

Place the beef in enough water to cover the joint and boil until tender (about 1 hour). Remove from stock and slice after cooling. Chop the onions and fry with the trassi in the oil until soft. Add chilli, pepper, coriander, turmeric, tamarind, sugar and salt. saute for a further ½ minute then add the beef and stock. Cover pan and simmer for a further 5 minutes. Uncover pan and add the coconut milk. Continue cooking until the sauce thickens.
Can be served on its own with rice or as part of a "rijsttafel".

Read more: http://www.indochef.com/indo_08.shtml#ixzz0dE9v4ooA

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